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ZL-1 Engines for Sale

The 1969 ZL-1 all-aluminum 427 cubic inch Chevy Corvette Big Block motor was the most powerful engine that was ever offered in an American built automobile. It was a first cousin to the cast iron L-88 427 engine and the all-aluminum Can Am racing engine of the same era. Although factory rated at 430 HP, the actual output was more like 600 plus real life HP after tuned headers were installed in place of the stock factory exhaust manifolds. You need a Corvette ZL-1 engine for sale? Call now.

The ZL-1 engine was introduced in an era when big inch engines ran wild. Gas costs were not even a consideration at the time. The ZL-1 was not a normal factory option, in fact the car was a special order car, since it came with bigger brakes and a better suspension. This was the era of true go fast cars, not the compromised small engines with turbochargers we see today.

The ZL-1 was also available in the Camaro. Being one of the first all aluminum engines produced kept the weight of a such a large block engine about the same weight as the small block engines, more power per pound. Every car manufacturer that wanted to be competitive with the muscle car group was left to scramble for their next big super fast car engine. Big cubic inches were in, and I enjoyed them immeasurably.

I’m a big Big Block Chevy engine fan. I had a 1966 Vette with the 427 L-72 425 hp solid lifter and aluminum intake manifold motor. Most people got out of my Vette after a power run with ”jelly legs”. I know I had ”jelly legs” every time I took advantage of it’s power.

Enough said. If you are looking for ZL-1 engine or motor [as I call it] for sale, or any Corvette engine ever produced, you are at the right place. As a former Corvette owner, nothing but the best is good enough. Call now and get the lowdown on a fresh crated ZL-1 engine for your Vette. Call for all of your Corvette needs.

As a former Vette owner I understand your passion for your car. Allow us to show you our passion for selling the best Corvette engines in the world. Call now for a free quote.

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