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Jeep 4.7 High Output Engine

Powertech Engines for SaleJeep 4.7 engine is known as the PowerTech brand. There are 2 editions of this performance engine. The standard edition and the High Output edition have slight variances in horsepower. What you should know when planning to purchase is what edition you need. The PowerTech series is one of the most popular in use for Jeep and Dodge. You’ll notice instantly that our Jeep 4.7 High Output engine series is available for shipment. When you order from, you can be assured that your engine will arrive in the best condition. The testing and warranty we provide help put it over the top in quality.

When it comes to getting a great deal, do you know where you can shop? There are plenty of auction websites and classified listings that sell motors. The rebuilt motors for sale that we carry are not like the majority online. Since we’re an authorized seller, what gets shipped from our inventory is OEM from Jeep. This means that the block is not modified and it is from an actual pull out. We just take our time during the remanufacturing to ensure that everything we do restores the engines without modifying them.

Jeep 4.7 High Output Engine in Stock 

Stock levels are not something that our company deals with. The building, testing and shipment of motors allows us a great supply. We’re always building the inventory of motors that get sold here. You can sample our inventory on this website or call by phone. What matters to most of our customers is the warranty, engine quality and speed of shipment. No out of stock messages are found here. If you’re not yet our customer, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the condition of each High Output motor we sell. Getting something that runs like a new engine is one way to save extra money for engine replacements.

One thing you’ll find different about our performance engines is the warranty that is included. Yes, we give a warranty with any shipped engine. What determines the length of the warranty is the decision that we make. Currently we offer a 3-year warranty for most motors. You can feel confident that you’re totally covered for a Jeep engine purchased here. Nothing that goes wrong with labor or parts that are applied is your fault during this time period. We give you a lot of time to depend on the motors we sell. You can get a 4.7 with total assurance that after it is installed you can do with it as you want. This is part of our Chrysler performance engine commitment to customers that shop here.

Jeep 4.7 High Output Engine Pricing 

Obtaining a price that will surprise you does not take a lot of effort. Our quote form to the right on this page is all you need for online pricing. Use it to get our price and review our order policies. If you call by our toll free line, our helpful engine staff will match your VIN number and other information. You’ll always get the performance motor that you demand.