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Dodge 5.2L Magnum Engines

Dodge Magnum 5.2L EnginesDodge 5.2L Magnum engine is one powerful piece of machinery. This engine has a long and glorified history in Chrysler vehicles. This engine is based on the LA 318 engine platform that was upgraded in 1991. The Magnum series was a result of a lot of the Jeep development and engineering that Chrysler had after acquiring Jeep from AMC. The Dodge 5.2L Magnum engines that we have in our warehouse are ready for shipment. You’ll love our prices and wonder why you didn’t find our website in the past when ordering performance engines for sale. We sell to car owners and trade businesses equally.

The Magnum is designed to give pure power. This was engineered to deliver some of the most horsepower available in a modern day V8 engine. This engine base was used in cars of the past as well as those in recent times. The Ramcharger, Ram and Ram van all used the 5.2L V8 configuration. Powerful cars take a powerful engine and many automobile buyers have selected the Magnum. Car builders often prefer to use this high horsepower engine. What you won’t do is pay a lot to own one here. We discount all prices on engines.

Dodge 5.2L Magnum Engines

You’ve found our website for the simple fact that our inventory will give you what you need. We stock new and rebuilt Dodge engines for sale. Finding your engine replacement is not difficult. We go through two separate processes to supply you with engines. The first is that we purchase our 5.2L engines from our distributor network as used. We buy and rebuild used engines to make them into a perfect performance engine. The second way is that we buy Magnum engines right from the source. We pick these up from Dodge authorized dealers. One thing we’ve been able to do is obtain these V8 engines for prices discounted below MSRP.

The way that we buy and bring these engines here is unique. Not all companies are able or wiling to do what we do. What our company offers is fast shipping as well as low prices. We know that purchasing online motors should be a package deal. You get everything from our individual warehouse. You won’t have to waste any of your time trying to deal with multiple sources. Each Dodge engine that is sold here always comes complete. We’ve checked them out and given them our seal of approval. We even backup what we do with a full warranty dependent on the type of engine you purchase. Few sellers are willing to match the incentives we offer.

Dodge 5.2L Magnum Engines Price Quotes

We’ve built a simple to use quote system for our website. It takes only a minute to complete our quote request form. This form goes right to our sales department. We evaluate the information and return an accurate price quote to you. If you’re searching for a low 5.2L Magnum engine price, you owe it to yourself to take a few seconds and fill out the quote form. You get your price quickly.