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Jeep 4.7 High Output Engine

Jeep 4.7 engine is known as the PowerTech brand. There are 2 editions of this performance engine. The standard edition and the High Output edition have slight variances in horsepower. What you should know when planning to purchase is what edition you need. The PowerTech series is one of the most popular in use for […]

Dodge 5.2L Magnum Engines

Dodge 5.2L Magnum engine is one powerful piece of machinery. This engine has a long and glorified history in Chrysler vehicles. This engine is based on the LA 318 engine platform that was upgraded in 1991. The Magnum series was a result of a lot of the Jeep development and engineering that Chrysler had after […]

Chevy Vortec 4300 Engines for Sale

Chevy Vortec is one of the engines that General Motors put years of development behind in the 1980s. The Generation I, II and III engines were nearing the end of their life cycle when engineers from GM created what would lead GM into the future. The Vortec arrived just in time to start the 1990s. […]

Ford Performance Engines

We know you want more power! Every car enthusiast can always use a little extra something-something under the hood. What you do not know yet is how low are prices are for Ford performance engines. When you are ready to drop a motor in your car or truck, we are here to help you and […]

ZL-1 Engines for Sale

The 1969 ZL-1 all-aluminum 427 cubic inch Chevy Corvette Big Block motor was the most powerful engine that was ever offered in an American built automobile. It was a first cousin to the cast iron L-88 427 engine and the all-aluminum Can Am racing engine of the same era. Although factory rated at 430 HP, […]

Corvette Engines For Sale

Corvette is the only American made 2 seat sports car. It has been a two seat-er since it’s inception in 1953 [the same year I was born]. There is so much to say about Corvettes and the impact each model had on the car world. The main idea behind the Corvette has not changed, to […]